The County’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS) effort has been ongoing since 1994.  Since then the county has created a centralized County GIS. This approach includes centralized functions such as the development and maintenance of core data layers, development of data standards, system administration, and general oversight of GIS activities county-wide.

Frederick County GIS supports numerous County agencies with their varying GIS needs and is involved in many county-wide GIS initiatives, such as:


Web Mapping Applications Updated

Frederick County Sheriff's Office Crime and Sexual Offenders Mapping The Frederick County GIS Team has recently replaced several web mapping applications with new exciting tools!
Please view the latest addition to the line-up of online applications: the NEW Frederick County Sheriff's Office Crime At A Glance!
This application combines the previously separate Crime and Sexual Offenders applications into one, easy to use to use, application.
The public information provided by the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office in this Registered Sex Offender Map is a proactive effort to protect children and others from those with histories of crimes against children and other sexual offenses.
Close attention should be paid to all DISCLAIMERS accompanying this this application.
Posted on 5-30-2012

At A Glance Mapping Application featured in WTOP

Frederick County At A Glance mapping application was features in WTOP (103.5 FM). As the article mentioned, we now have a tutorial on how to use the mapping application. You can see the article by visiting WTOP website.
Posted on 8-16-2011

New! Frederick County At A Glance Mapping Application

 Frederick County At a Glance The Frederick County GIS team is proud to announce the release of the brand new web mapping application, Frederick County At A Glance. This application allows users to obtain a wealth of current information about Frederick County properties including real property information, plat, recycle data, crime statistics, zoning, water and sewer services, schools, libraries, police districts, and parks. Users will find an archive of historic imagery of the County ranging from 1952-2009, measuring tools, links to Google streetview and Bing imagery, local weather forecasts and much much more. The interface of this mapping application displays large easy to read icons and fast and convenient search functions that are just a mouse click away.
Posted on 3-9-2011

This application requires Adobe Flash 10 external link or later installed and is best viewed using Internet Explorer 7.0 with 1024 x 768 screen resolution.

Frederick County GIS and TransIT Team Up

TransIT Frederick County GIS has recently worked with Frederick County's TransIT to provide route links to Google's trip planner. Please see the Frederick News Post article "Tooling around".
Posted on 12-03-2010

New! Address and Street Search Application

Address and Street Search Application Frederick County GIS is proud to announce the deployment of a new public facing, internet based application called Address and Street Search.

Searching for streets and addresses in Frederick County has never been easier! Frederick County citizens are now able to search for existing street names and addresses, see the location on a map and report an error if they find incorrect information. Alternately, citizens can view pdfs of street listings for the County by alphabetical order or by zipcode.
Posted on 10-07-2010

Frederick County GIS recipient of ESRI's 2010 SAG Award

SAG Award Frederick County's GIS team is the recipient of ESRI's 2010 Special Achievement in GIS (SAG) Award. SAG Awards are presented to organizations and individuals who make outstanding contributions to our global society and set new precedents throughout the GIS community.

The Frederick County GIS team was nominated for their work on the Survey Control Network Mapping Application , which went live in 2009. This application which features ArcGIS Server and Adobe FLEX technologies, was created as a tool for the surveyor community to get helpful information on the control monuments and surrounding area in Frederick County.
Posted on 05-18-2010

Map Services Published with ArcGIS Server Now Available

Types of ArcServer Services

Frederick County GIS has several Map Services published with ArcGIS Server which are now available to the public. The Map Services menu now lists Web Mapping Applications as well as ArcGIS Server Services. On the ArcGIS Server Services page, the links for map services are provided for various clients, such as ArcGIS Javascript, Google Earth, ArcExplorer, and ArcMap.

ArcGIS Javascript links will open a browser window and display the map service using ESRI ArcGIS Javascript API. Users will need to download a current version of Google Earth External Link and ArcExplorer External Link to take advantage of the respective links. ESRI's ArcMap link provides a layer file which can be opened directly in an ArcMap product (ArcMap required) or saved locally. For more information on service types please visit the ArcGIS Server Services page.
Posted on 04-14-2010

Free GIS Data Download Service

In addition to digital products in CD or DVD format that are available for purchase, Frederick County GIS now offers a free GIS data download service. GIS Base Data is available from this download service as well as Orthophotography and Contour-Planimetric data. Help for using the service is available by clicking on the following (PDF / HMTL).


While efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy of this data, Frederick County accepts no liability or responsibility for errors, omissions, or positional inaccuracies in the content of this data. Reliance on this data is at the risk of the user. This data is for illustration purposes only and should not be used for surveying, engineering, or site-specific analysis.