Missed Collection


Use of Personal Containers for Recycling

The collection contractor will not stop at an address if a blue County-issued container is not set out. If you would like to use another container for additional/excess materials, please follow these guidelines:

  • Spare bins/carts/tubs MUST be clearly, boldly labeled with the word "RECYCLE" on all sides. Use this link to download a sign to print and attach to your container. Please label all sides of the container, so that it is clearly identifiable when approached from any angle.
  • If the contractor does not recognize a spare container as being clearly labeled for recycling service, they will not empty it. This is to prevent trash from getting mixed in with the recycling collection.
  • Personal containers will not be repaired or replaced if damaged or lost during collection. (See the section above on obtaining a additional County-issued container, which are maintained as part of the recycling program.)
Example of a clearly labeled spare container:
cart numbers 2  

Example of spare container NOT clearly labeled for recycling. Clear labeling is the individual's responsibility. The collection crew will not open the lid to assess what's inside. If the recycling contractor isn't sure what a cart is being used for, they will not empty it into the recycling truck, as many streets have trash and recycling collection on the same day.
cart numbers 2