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Carts & Bins for Collecting Recyclables

Single-family properties in Frederick County may request to receive one recycling cart (or two small  hand-held recycling bins) free of charge. This includes homes occupied by rental tenants, townhomes, and households in HOA-controlled communities. Residential recycling is a County Government service, recycle carts are owned and provided by the County and are assigned to an address, not to the occupants.

At the top of page click the Next button to:

- request a cart (or bin) if you don't have one,
- report a missing recycling cart,
- exchange a recycling cart or hand-held bin for a different size collection container,
- request a repair or replacement of a damaged cart,
- or, request to have a cart removed.

The easiest way to get a cart is to use the online order form (click Next button above). Please call 301-600-2960 if you need assistance or would like to pick up/exchange a recycle cart in person.

Sizes of Wheeled Carts

There are three different sizes of recycling carts; all are bright blue with a black lid and wheels. 

Every cart has a unique serial/identification number printed across the front side of the cart. (The handle you push is the back side of the cart.) To tell what size recycling cart you currently have, just check the serial number! The first two numbe
rs indicate what size the cart is: either 35, 65 or 95, showing how many gallons of material your cart will hold.  cart numbers 2

The dimensions of the County's wheeled recycling carts are:

  • 95-gallon cart: Height: 42.8", Width: 29.5", Depth: 34.2" 
  • 65-gallon cart: Height: 42.4", Width: 25.1", Depth: 29.5"
  • 35-gallon cart: Height: 38.0", Width: 19.8", Depth: 24.8"

18-Gallon Hand-Held Bins

Households that do not wish to use a wheeled recycling cart may request to receive one or two small 18-gallon open bins instead, at no charge. (Use the links below to place an order.) Please note that these sturdy containers are for outdoor use, with drainage holes, designed for curbside collection. They are not provided as indoor collection/household receptacles.  

If you have a recycling cart and would like a small bin in addition, they may be purchased for $7.25 each. Please do not enter a request for a purchased bin using this portal, instead: mail a check (made payable to Treasurer of Frederick County) to the Division of Solid Waste & Recycling, 9031 Reichs Ford Road, Frederick, MD, 21704 and your bin will be delivered on an upcoming recycling day. Or, please call 301-600-2960 or send email to recycle@frederickcountymd.gov for more information.

Before using the links below to place an order, please note: 

Due to staffing and service restrictions, each household can only request one cart exchange per calendar year. So please make sure you know what size cart you want to hold two weeks worth of material. When in doubt, order the larger size!